Mindfulness for Healthcare workers and Nurses

Courses and workshops are available teaching Mindfulness-based stress management practices to those training or working in the healthcare sector. The practices that are taught will enable them to manage the stresses that are a part of their work.

These courses are suitable for nurses and care workers. For those in training or working in the nursing profession they will focus on teaching practices to help them manage the stresses that come with responsibility and management duties. Courses for healthcare workers will teach practices that are relevant for the care modules and work practice requirements that are taught on the QQI level 5 Healthcare course.

Those that work or are training to work in professions that work with those that are sick, disabled or elderly often experience considerable stress. Even those that are competent can experience symptoms of stress. These may include palpitations, stomach issues and worry, common symptoms of anxiety. Other common symptoms of stress include physical tension and pain. These symptoms can impair performance and the quality of care that they can provide. Health issues can also increase the incidence of absence from work due to illness. This can have financial implications for both employees and employers.

Mindfulness training for healthcare workers can often have the following benefits:

  • Increased awareness of the causes of stress as a healthcare worker
  • Understanding of the physical symptoms of stress
  • Training in how to work with challenging thoughts and worry
  • Training in how to manage physical tension and stress
  • Training in interpersonal skills and how to manage the stress that is often a significant part of work relationships
Depending on course participants, courses will be tailored to meet their needs. For instance, mindfulness training for nurses and healthcare assistants will often include the following:

  • Basic training in how to teach Mindfulness-based Life skills to patients and clients
  • Training in simple, easy, and effective life skills to help patients to cope better with health issues and challenges
  • Skills that enable nurses and carers teach patients how to cope more effectively with chronic illness and the effects of ill health.
  • Teaching in mindfulness skills to help people deal more effectively with physical and emotional pain
  • How to help patients cope better with distress related to treatment, and to the symptoms of illness.
  • Increased understanding of how illness affects interpersonal relationships

Training can take place in a classroom or other environment with groups of up to around 20 persons.

All our trainers are qualified and experienced healthcare professionals and available for immediate consultations and training. Please email analamindfulness@gmail.com to make an enquiry

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