Mindfulness for Life

Saturday 9th November 2019

A 'Mindfulness for Life' Meditation Course will take place on Saturday 9th November 2019 from 10am to 4pm. This is a beginners course in mindfulness meditation that is designed to help you understand how mindfulness practices can help you in your life. It will also help you learn how to practice mindfulness in your working and personal life. These practices have been proved to be very useful in helping to reduce stress and the symptoms of anxiety. Research has also shown that they can help with depression and reduce the incidence of relapse.

The following is an overview of the course contents:

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness

  • How to be more mindful in your daily life and adapt mindfulness practices for your individual needs

  • Practical instruction in how to begin and maintain a meditation practice

  • Learning how to coping with the stresses in your life using mindfulness practices

  • How to be more mindful in your daily communication and in relationships

  • Guidance in how to continue your mindfulness and meditation practices after the course

The cost for this course is €80 per person and they will take place in our centre in Clogherhead. Click here... to contact us and see our location. The day will also cover the content of week 1 of the Mindfulness for Stress course.


The following is a more detailed programme for day. Please note that this may be subject to change depending on the needs of the participants.

  • 10am arrival followed by a Breathing Space - a short mindfulness practice to bring us into the room and prepare us for day

  • Introductions to each other and the day – expectations and motivations for the day

  • Introduction to mindfulness – a short talk. What is it, why do we need it in our lives and how we might benefit from it?

  • Mindfulness of thoughts practice, followed by discussion

  • Tea Break

  • Brief intro into cognitive distortions and how thoughts are not reality followed by discussion

  • Body Awareness practice - a longer mindfulness practice, around 30 minutes to help you be more present with your body and to gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness practice. This will be followed by discussion.

  • What stressors do we have in our life and how do we cope? An open discussion

  • A Breathing space followed by an opportunity for questions

  • 1pm Lunch

  • A simple guided communication exercise in pairs

  • A short talk on mindfulness Communication and Relationships

  • A general discussion on verbal and non-verbal communication. We will explore the power of body language and the importance of mindful (body) awareness in our communication.

  • A Breathing Space for use with challenging communication

  • Feedback and discussion session

  • Pulling it all together and moving forward in your lives. Discussion on what are you might change in your life to live more mindfully

  • Closing comments

Please call David on 087-0555858 if you have any questions.

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