Stress Management

A five-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Course will commence on Thursday 21st February 2019 from 7pm to 9.30pm.

During this course you will learn practices that will help you to manage the daily stresses in your life. They may also help you find relief from problems such as high blood pressure and insomnia. This course is also designed to help you improve your communications and strengthen your relationships.

The following is an overview of the course contents:

Week one: Stress, what is it and what are the causes of it.       
Exercise 1: Breathing Space

Week two: Managing your personal stressors: personal strategies   
Exercise 2: Mindfulness of Breathing Practice

Week three: Responding to daily challenges: learning to ‘surf’   
Exercise 3: Breathing Space in action

Week four: Managing stressful communication                       
Exercise 4: Learning to ‘dance’

Week five: Bringing it all together and taking it forward.       
Exercise 5: Group Activity

Sessions will consist of a combination of discussion, presentation and small group work as well as learning various stress management techniques as suggested above.

The cost for the course is Waged €150 (Deposit of €60 required on booking)

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